I'm Chi-An Wei, I'm pursuing researches relating to Robotics, AI, NLP, and Data Mining fields.

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I acquired master’s degree at National Cheng Kung University after been an exchange student and studied at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

During study for bachelor degree at Ming Chuan University, my research is focusing on intelligent control and integrated/embedded system, especially on building soccer robots for RoboCup Middle Size League and FIRA RoboSot, which featuring four omni-wheels and omni-mirror.

To enrich my vision, I choose natural language processing and data mining as my research field in master’s degree, especially argument mining and summarization via directed graph as goals for my master’s thesis.

As an engineer who likes to learn and try new technologies, I’m also fond of travel and photographing. I believe that photographers use photos to let more people explore the world, just like what engineers do is to use technologies to make life better!

Currently seeking full-time opportunities!
SSD Firmware Engineer
Assistant Technician of the Technical Mission of the R. O. C.🇹🇼 to the Republic of Honduras🇭🇳
Jul 2019 ~ Sep 2019
Sep 2014 ~ Jun 2016
Teacher Assistance @ Dept. of ITE
Mar 2014 ~ Dec 2015
Speaker @ Programing Training Program by Robotics Research Center
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Achieved article recommendation based on a graph built from browsing behavior, which been used to analyze the relationship between articles.

DeepWalk Node2vec Word2vec

By using Line API and the cooperation of the department of medical to build a chatbot that provides free conversation and inquiry for users.


Providing the proof of concept for automatically extract required specification items from the datasheet.

Build a system for finding paragraphs related to a given query and linking the research topic it belongs through the result of learning labeled keywords.

Word2vec fastText

Aim to solve the argument component extraction task which highlights the argumentative sentences for further applications.
This work is part of my master thesis done in "Intelligent Knowledge Management Laboratory."
🙋‍♂️ Master Thesis 🙋‍♂️

TextRank Directed Graph PageRank Lexicon Expansion Argument Representation Dense NN

Co-develop a bluetooth device which contains quad vibration motors to measure accurate feedback from the experiment target.

Bluetooth Arduino Visual C++

Achieved processing Chinese corpus to generate sentiment lexicon.

WordNet Word2vec Java Spark NLP for Chinese

Using classical Chinese poetry to develop a chatbot which learned from it to score poetry written by a user and predict which classical Chinese poetry author of existing poetry does the user behaved similarly.
This work is the final project of course "Multilingual and Crosslingual Information System."


Predict whether the two question statements on Quora are similar or not.

XGBoost Feature Enginnering LSTM

Achieved a system that predicts failure of freeway toll collection devices via analysis its logs.

HTML JavaScript D3.js Python Java SQL Data Analysis

Achieved vandalism detection on Wikipedia pages via its revision data.

Data Analysis Python

Achieved semiconductor yield prediction via TSMC manufacturing data.

Data Analysis Python Traditional ML

Predict which component is possible to fail through automobile customer service records and records from repair factory.

Data Analysis Python Traditional ML

Design a website to promote and present the information and related technology of NCKU E-motor technology research center.


Lead research team to developed tons of new features and improvements on the middle-size soccer robot.
🏆 Won 1 Golden Medal and 3 Silver Medals at 2015 FIRA RoboSot in Korea 🏆

Omni-mirror Image Processing Visual C++ VHDL Protel Hardware Engineering
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